One household rule in Scotland

One household only within each cottage in accordance with Scottish government rules

Following further review by the Scottish Government the one household (or extended household)* restriction for private homes now also applies to self-catering properties when the revised regulations became law on Friday 25 September 2020.

If your party comprises one household (or extended household)* I will ask you to confirm this in writing by email.

If your party comprises more than one household (or extended household)*, unfortunately your booking will not be able to go ahead and you may choose to:

  • Reduce guest numbers to comply with the restrictions.
  • Split your party between two nearby properties, ensuring both groups comply with the restrictions.
  • Defer your booking to a later date.
  • Cancel your booking and receive a full refund.

* An extended household is one where two households have joined together to form a single household. An extended household can be formed by a person who lives alone - or only with children under 18. They and another household of any size can agree to form an extended household. An extended household can also be formed by a couple who do not live together, and their children.

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