Covid19 Protocols

Some reassurance in these strange times

The safety and well-being of my guests is at the forefront of my mind, so you can rest assured that I'm following strict government guidelines to ensure your stay is both relaxing and Covid-19 protocol compliant.

If you’ve stayed with me before, you’ll probably notice some differences in the cottage.

I’m following national guidelines in relation to Covid-19 cleaning protocols. These has been carefully considered and developed at industry level to protect the health and safety of guests, and also me when doing the cleaning and laundry. I have removed some non-essential items from the property to minimise touch points and reduce risk. But if there's anything you need to make your stay more comfortable, let me know and I'll do my best to provide it.

You are asked to observe certain protocols during your time in the property and on departure (e.g. stripping the beds and bagging all laundry, ventilating the cottage, maintaining high standards of cleanliness). This is to protect the health and safety of all concerned and to continue to support and safeguard the local community.

Hopefully, a stay in one of my cottages in the beautiful Borders will help take your mind off these strangest of times.

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